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By: Harley Hunner, Kerry McNierney, and Anthony Apodaca


 People experiencing migraine headaches may suffer from one or more of the following symptoms.

  • recurring headaches     

  • Nausea                                              

  • throbbing pulsating pain in the head                        

  • photophobia-an abnormal sensitivity to or intolerance of light, especially by the eyes, as may be caused by eye inflammation, lack of pigmentation in the iris, or various diseases.

  • phonophobia-fear of sounds, noises, and one's own voice 

  • Cutaneous allodynia- a symptom affecting nearly 75% of all people suffering from migraines. The symptom involves light touch, heat or cold, or common everyday activities such as wearing glasses or earrings being perceived as pain. The pain usually begins one hour after the headache occurs and increases with time.

Last updated July 20, 2004
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