Syrian Rue

(Peganum harmala)


Where is it found?

            Syrian Rue is native to northern India, Afghanistan, and Southern Russia.  It can be found in Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona (Moore, 1988).

What does it look like?

            Syrian Rue is a smooth green weed “composed of many one-and-one half…basal branches, divided further into smaller ones and finally dividing into shiny…thready leaves.  It is a 5 petaled flower which eventually turns into a hollow capsule” (Moore, 1988, pg. 120).

What are the medical uses?

            Syrian Rue was found to be a fungicidal/ bactericidal diuretic that is antidepressive, relieves dandruff, and decreases blood pressure (Moore, 1988).

What chemical are in it?

            Syrian Rue contains Harmaline, Harmalol, Harman, Peganine, Isopeganine, Dipegene, Vasicinone, Deoxyvasicinone, 5,6-Hydroxytryptamine, Deoxypeganine, and Peganidine (Moore, 1988), (Duke, 1985).