Puncture Vine

(Tribulus terrestris)

Where is it found?

            Puncture Vines are usually found in dry, unnourished soil in the southwest United States (Moore, 1988).

What does it look like?

            Puncture Vines are weeds that have pinnate leaves, yellow flowers, and seed pods (these usually turn into the Goats’ heads).

What are the medical uses?

            Puncture vine was found to treat elevated blood pressure, lessen severity of arteriosclerosis, reduce mild hypertension, and to slow and strengthen the heart beat. 

What chemicals are in it?

            Periwinkle contains the diuretics Kaempferol and Quercetin (Dr. Dukes, 2003), the antihypertensive chemical Rutin (Dr. Dukes, 2003), and Diosgenin, ticogenin, hecogenin, astragalin, Harman, and Harmine (Moore, 1988).