(Ligusticum porteri)



Where is it found?

This plant can be found in all areas of the southwest.  Including New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, and Nevada.

What does it look like?

Osha “has hollow stems, flat-topped umbels of seeds and flowers springing from a single juncture like an umbrella” (Moore, 1979).  The flowers are white and the root is large, dark brown, and hairy.  

What are the medical uses?         

The plant is used to treat viral infections, sore throats, bronchial inflammations and stomach indigestion.  It is used in China for lowering blood pressure, inducing uterine contraction, and to slow bleeding.

What chemical are in it?         

Osha contains volatile and fixed oils, a lactone glycoside, an alkaloid (C27H37N3), phytosterols, soponins, and ferulic acid (Moore, 1979).