Maidenhair Fern


Photograph thanks to:

Copyright 1995-2003 Henriette Kress.

Common Names: Common Maidenhair


Scientific Names: Adiantum pedatum and Adiantum aethiopicum

Appearance: The Maidenhair Fern is distinguished by its flat, horseshoe shaped fronds atop a black shiny stalk.  The Leaves on this particular plant are long and fan shaped as well as being lobed on the upper side.  The leaves are in an alternate arrangement.   Habitat: This plant is usually found in woods and/or moist places (limestone ravines) throughout Me. to Ga.
Collecting: The stem of maidenhair fern can be used as a hair wash ingredient to make the hair healthier.  It is also considered expectorant, cooling, and anti-rheumatic. Medical Uses for Asthma: Tea and/or syrup can be made from this plant to help with asthma.